Click here for difference between 2016 and 2017 prices

The Accra trotro fares here have been listed according to departure terminal. Since the return trip as of the same distance as the departure, we would list only one way fares. For example, if Accra to Kaneshie is GH1, we would not list Kaneshie to Accra. The total list will therefore seem shorter than you anticipated because of the avoidance of the redundant prices.

The February 2, 2016 Accra trotro fares increase was 15%. If you knew about the old fares, expect a margin of up to 5% more or less from your calculation because some terminals may round up to the nearest whole number; others may approximate to the nearest amount that makes change convenient.

Though 5 Ghana pesewas exists as a currency unit, consumers hardly trade in it because they claim its too tiny and requires too many to make a transaction. So where a 15% increment will result in a 5 pesewas payment or change, for example, the amount will be rounded up to Ghana 10 pesewas.